Prepared Wire Services

Steel Wire Reels - The Only Reel Option

A replacement for those old wooden reels, steel reels
are The best option for your future jobs. Improving on
productivity, safety and durability – it’s time to switch!

  • More Durable
  • Easier to Handle
  • Uniform Sizing
  • No Tangling of Legs
  • Improved On-Site Safety
  • Labor-Saving

Check out our special reel featuring a free spinning
ground for easier spooling off as well as casters for
easy maneuvering on your job site!

Pulling Eyes

A great way to enhance productivity and significantly lower installation costs and time.

  • Safer & Faster
  • Cleaner
  • Fewer Steps
  • Fewer Mistakes
  • We carry pulling eyes in size #8 – 600mcm

True Color Wire

  • Available in 12 Colors
  • No-Lube Coated Wire
  • We Carry sizes up to 600mcm

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